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Effortlessly run machine learning experiments   
Supports all major machine learning frameworks   
Data privacy   
Deploy anywhere (e.g., bare metal, cloud)   
Distributed training   
Hyperparameter optimization   
Powered by Kubernetes   
Reproducible experiments   
Community support   
Share cluster within teams   
Unlimited users   
Personal support   
Tailor-made solutions   
Trainings and workshops   
Professional services   
Priority support   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using RiseML on top of Kubernetes instead of just running Kubernetes?
RiseML provides a convenient and powerful user experience for ML engineers. They can also skip learning about pods, persistent volumes, or overlay network topology, waste time creating and uploading Docker images, and tracking and maintaining another codebase.
Are there more resources to learn about using RiseML?
We have full documentation on how to install and use RiseML that can be found here. We also have installation and usage videos on our YouTube channel.
Can you also help me with the installation and usage of RiseML?
Yes, we offer individual trainings and workshops. Please reach out to us at
How do you define a “node”?
One Kubernetes node is one node in RiseML. Subscriptions are priced the same per node regardless of node size or if the server is located on-premises or in the public cloud.
How granular is your billing?
We offer per-minute granularity for billing.
How do I get billed if I run a node for less than a month, say 2 weeks?
You only get billed for the time a node is part of a Kubernetes cluster. If a node is only part of a cluster for half the month, you only get billed 50% of the monthly fee.
Do you also offer commercial support for Kubernetes?
Yes, please reach out to us at for details.

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