Flexible pricing plans with no surprises

Speed up your model development with
state-of-the-art deep learning infrastructure software.


The plan for individual
researchers and smaller
machine learning teams
beginning to work on converged
deep learning infrastructure.

Up to 4 nodes and 16 GPUs

Requires Kubernetes 1.6 or higher


Designed for demanding
enterprises and research
organisations with medium
to large scale deep learning

Unlimited nodes and GPUs

We research - academic discounts available

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  • Framework Support
  • Powered by Kubernetes
  • Deploy anywhere
  • Auto-updates
  • Real-time events and logging
  • Command-line interface
  • TensorBoard integration
  • Distributed training
  • Hyperparameter optimization
  • Data Privacy
  • Versioned Code
  • Reproducible Setup

Professional Features

Service Level
Unlimited nodes
and GPUs
Email and
phone Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the starter version be free forever?
Is it possible to get more than 32 nodes and 128 GPUs at the academic price?
What does the premium support entail?
Many things.
If RiseML goes out of business will your software still work?
Yes, it's open source.
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